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Photographic Credits and Website Links to Public Domain Sites and Stock Photo Sites

A very big thank you to all Public Domain Websites - links listed below. These photographers and entities have made their photos available to the Public Domain for use and is much appreciated by me.

What do I do? Simple - I make EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS for the Montessori classroom.

Most images on my website learning material are from PUBLIC DOMAIN galleries and websites and my own photographic stock. I have also gone to the trouble of requesting permission from the photographers on selected websites. If an image is obtained from stock photo websites the use of these images and the credit is given if the rules request it. Any images purchased by me follow the rules of issue.


Since many of these public domain websites cannot guarantee copyright 100% neither can I. Any image that has rights is clearly tagged and the regulations pertaining to that images rights apply. You may have no claim against me under these conditions and if there is an image that is questionable I will rather remove it and replace it.

I cannot take responsibility for others actions and if an image is copied from my site, it is up to you to make sure you understand the copyright for that image and the requests of the photographer. You may also not copy any images and place them on paying websites for sale, nor any other website the hosts stock images either for PUBLIC DOMAIN or for sale or an any other public site unless you have the permission from the photographer.

Many of these PUBLIC DOMAIN websites are listed below and given credit for their public service and making possible work such as mine that adds value to the learning process and Montessori classroom and in particular to those communities around the world especially the poorer communities that even with a single computer and printer and internet connection will be able to print their own resources for early childhood development classrooms. Many of these communities cannot afford the dollar based rates charged on the open internet for such resources. Mine are free of charge for this use.


My learning materials are copyright and may not be copied and credited as your own. You may however print these materials for the classroom and make the templates for learning in this way. You may also link to my site and share information in this way.

You may not upload my materials pdf files to your server, rather download them and save them to your driver and use them for the classroom from there. You may also not edit, sell or distribute any of my work. These materials are for the sole use in the Montessori classroom as teaching aids for children.

Wikimedia definitions of copyright laws: Click Here

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List of Public Domain Websites- TERMS MAY APPLY
List of Stock Photo Websites - Paying and Free -Terms apply
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