Personalise This Bat Mitzvah Certificate and have your daughter's Hebrew and Given name inserted along with the officiating Kohenet or Rabbi. Fully editable for Bar Mitzvah.

E mail me:

1. Your child's Written Hebrew name

2. Full Given Name for the Certificate.

A pdf file will be sent to you to print out in gloss or have it laminated.

Example of Certificate of Achievement, in this case for my daughter: Singing in the Yiddish Song Festival at The Baxter Theater in 2009 in Cape Town.

Print in gloss or laminate.

Made on Microsoft Powerpoint, a donation made by my daughter Ashlee to her organisation of choice: African Tails that helps rehabilitate Street Dogs. You can ask me to make a certificate for you with your daughters name. Have it Laminated.

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Special Needs Bat Mitzvah

How to Personalise your Daughter's Special Day

Choose a Theme with your Daughter relating to the colours, decorations, invitations,your child's name.

Choose a venue: It should be a place that is familiar to your daughter where she can feel comfortable and supported by family and friends. The home is informal and familiar.

Kohenet Belinda Silbert- Left, Ashlee- middle and Liat- right.

This is an event where the emphasis is on removing all stress of the Bat Mitzvah to the LEVEL of the child with full support. By this I cannot stress enough that there is NO level of attainment required for special needs, but rather INCLUSION, encouragement and allowing the provision of the TRANSLITERATION of all prayers recited. At NO time wait for a required level of Hebrew reading, or Jewish Sudy, or Torah attainment. These are requirements should be set aside and only if necessary measured by a REMEDIAL teacher and the child MUST be encouraged at THE CHILD'S OWN LEVEL. An inclusion and participation in the Life Cycle of Jewish is a normal part of Jewish life, and the child will continue to learn within this context. The Bat Mitzvah must be age related: IE 12yrs for Orthodox and 13yrs for Reform.

Although my daughter has learning difficulties, she mastered Hebrew both written classical biblical and cursive. She had 2 years of individual Hebrew Tuition and attends a Jewish Day School in Cape Town. She has consistently attained high marks for both Hebrew and Jewish Studies. This is was attained through her own individual efforts. This is not a requirement of the Special Needs Bat Mitzvah. At her request, I personalised and individualised her Bat Mitzvah and at all times encouraged her to participate. The outcome was a moving and a rewarding experience. Each child is different and each child's level of attainment will vary. The child is the first consideration, and remedial support is recomended to parents. There must be no stress on the child, the ceremony is a special celebration, the passing of generation to generation, the coming of age. It is one to be experienced within a family, or a Jewish Community. An alternative Bat Mitzvah is an appropriate celebration for doing this.

As a mother who has been priveleged to experience this, I can only recommend it.

It is a precious event to be remembered with love and precious memories just as I did for my own daughter.

Find a Kohenet( a female Priestess) or Rabbi in your area who performs alternative Bat and Bar Mitzvah's.

  • Making Invitations - Making these is a special part of the Bat Mitzvah
  • Ceremony Booklet - On consultation with Kohenet Belinda Silbert, I wrote the Ceremony Booklet used by the Kohenet or Rabbi- +-56 pages of Hebrew, transliteration and English. I wrote this +-56 page Ceremony Booklet with Hebrew, Full Transliteration and English for my own daughter. Please note this file is 3.48 MB-CLICK HERE

Ceremony Booklet

Designed and written by Liat Pittaway © 2011

I wrote this booklet with full explanation of every prayer and the history behind Jewish Traditions and customs not only to help Special Needs Children understand, but because my family is non Jewish.

A +-56 page A4 size ceremony booklet available for your child's special day.

Having your child's name written in HEBREW and ENGLISH on the front

The Date in Roman Calender and the Jewish Calender

Who the Ceremony is Officiated By:.........Kohenet OR Rabbi.................

Ashlee's Very Moving Speech

Ashlee recites the Kiddush and The Hamotzi

A very happy Ashlee immediately after.

A very proud mom, Kohenet Belinda Silbert and stunningly happy Bat Mitzvah Girl, Ashlee.

MAZALTOV !!!!!!!!!!!!

Present Certificates and Books

Make at least 3 certificates for your daughter  or son that reflect personal achievement or milestone events and present at least 3 books that are appropriate for this day.

It is also a good idea to ask your daughter or son if there is an organization she/he would like to donate to.

Personalise This Bat Mitzvah Certificate for your daughter or son by having her/his name inserted in Hebrew and English. Contact me to do this :


Made By Liat Pittaway

Made by Liat Pittaway

Donation Made by the Bat Mitzvah Girl

Certificate Made By Liat Pittaway


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       for The Hereafter                           by Marlene  Spieler                                      Judaism Book

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Making Thank You Cards and Gift Boxes

The Gift Boxes with Thank You Card for each guest.

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Contact Details

Contact Liat for Personlized Bat or Bar Mitzvah : 082 442 7882 Cape Town South Africa for any info.


Contact Kohonet Belinda Silbert to officiate a Bat or Bar Mitzvah:

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