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Liat Pittaway

Liat's Montessori

Cyberspace Curriculum Development

I am a Tutor In A Box. If you are coming to Cape Town South Africa on extended holiday and you would like your children privately tutored - HIRE ME.

I graduated from College (summa cum laude)with a Montessori Teaching Diploma. My main area of interest is special needs children and children with learning difficulties. I believe that Montessori is the gateway for learning for children. I have a passion for
Special Needs Children and  keen interest in Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology.

Every child has his or her place in this world and it is up to us to ensure that this takes place without dis-empowering or destroying the natural inborn spirit. Extract of Christopher - A Book of His Sayings by Liat ....

Liat's Special Needs Personalised & Privatized Bat & Bar Mitzvah

Let your daughter or son experience a day to remember forever. The Special Needs or privatized Bat/Bar Mitzvah was designed by me to enable children to have a coming of age ceremony outside of formal religion and still experience both religious and spiritual aspect of this event.

Please see the links on the left for Invitations, Ceremony Booklet, Bat Mitzvah Certificate, Achievement Certificate, Presentation of Books, Thank you Gifts and Cards, The Kohenet or Rabbi. Choose a theme, invitations, find a Kohenet or Rabbi. For Liat's Special Needs Batmitzvah click on this link to (Special Needs Batmitzvah) find out how I accomplished this. SEE MY ADD - HIRE ME.

Spacial Integrity and ADD and ADHD

Has everything to do with the spacial integrity of the people coming into contact with your child in the classroom and their own compatibility and sensitivities to the energy that other people carry that they themselves are not aware of. Children are highly sensitive to the energy that adults and other children carry, though it is often not seen by adults, the children often cannot cope with such tremendous bombardment of negative energy. They cannot settle down and they have difficulty coping with it. Teachers need to be particularly aware of the way they conduct their thoughts and make sure that their own spacial integrity is of the highest vibration. ADD and ADHD is often just a bad term for something that can be rectified within the child's environment.

Cognitive Development and Brain Fitness Programs and Neuroscience

Brain Fitness Programs have a positive effect for children who struggle with dyslexia, auditory discrimination difficulties and other learning areas.
Recommended reading - The Brain That Changes Itself - Norman Doidge M.D
See the work of Dr Mike Merzenich.PhD on the positscience website below and scilearn for the FastForWord.

FastForWord is available world wide:

South   International:

Branches World Wide: Click Here

The Arrowsmith School: Assists children with learning difficulties:

Sensory Processing Difficulties

Sensory Processing Difficulties affect many children and are often undiagnosed leading to remedial intervention requirements. Even in the Montessori setting these may be required so do not overlook the child's difficulties.

For parents I recommend Carol Stock Kranowitz's book The Out- of- Sync Child.

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